Contract Packaging
Packaging Services

We hand sort, bundle, bag, wrap, box, and accommodate all of your custom packaging projects. We package everything from commercial spray bottle kits to shrink-wrapping baseball cards. Think of us as your one-stop, volume packaging facility. Save your staff time and effort, and let our trained employees do the work.
Custom Gluing, Poly Bags, Weigh Count, Inspection and Quality Check,
Heat Sealing, Taping, Pallet Wrapping, Countertop Sample Kits, Shipping Services.
Mailing & Shipping Services

Our bulk mailing abilities include a wide variety of services to meet your mailing needs, including collating, folding, inserting into envelopes, metering and mailing. We handle everything from annual reports to holiday cards. Let us complete your entire mailing project from start-to-finish.

*Discount postages rates apply where appropriate.

    First Class Pre-Sort, Metering, Third Class Bulk Mailings, Bagging or Traying for Postal Delivery, Labeling

   Duplicating Services, Collating, Inserting and Sealing, Bulk Sorting.
Parts & Material Salvage Services

We handle a wide variety of custom rework and salvage projects, including everything from re-labeling products to inspecting and sorting thousands of work uniforms. This service is especially useful for promotional product companies, manufacturers, wholesalers and recycling businesses. Let us help you turn good but unmarketable products into first class offerings again.

    Repackaging, Quality Control Inspection, Sorting, Corrective Work, Fulfillment, Rework, Custom Services.
Promotion Services

Our advertising and promotional product distribution services include packaging samples, handouts and advertising, from advertising kit assemblies to POP candy display assemblies. These services are especially helpful when you are getting ready for company activities, meetings, seminars or other organizational events. Outsourcing these tasks to us will help you save money and will take untold hours of your staff’s valuable time.

    Point Of Purchase (POP) Display Assemblies, Sample Bags of Products, Coupon Sorting and Insertion 
   Promotional Kits, A wide variety of fulfillment services.
Increase production without increasing your current workforce. Eliminate the headaches of hiring new employees
Eliminate the headaches of training new employees.Avoid providing costly benefits packages.
Reduce temporary labor costs.
00,000 square-foot production area. 0,000 square-foot warehouse space with single loading dock. Fully-equipped sprinkler system. Air-conditioned/heated facility. Commercial, general liability insurance. Totally accessible facility.
Retail Services

Our retail services include attaching or replacing price tags and labels, assembling and stapling, and repackaging.
Outsource your retail services, and let us handle these tedious, time consuming tasks for you.

    Labeling of Cans, Bottles and Boxes, Tagging, Stapling, Quality Inspection, Hand Sorting, Repacking.
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