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S.E.E., Inc., produces a variety of products and have the capability of custom work as well.   Below are some examples of our products along with our current price list.

Nail Aprons (can hold other small items as well)


Our heavy duty canvas Nail Aprons are quite useful for construction, assembly and other trades where a quantity of small fasteners (or other items) need to be quickly available to the worker.

Completely customizable with your own advertising language they are printed in a single ink color and are reasonably priced at $1.90 each.

Quantity orders over 100 are only $1.75 each


Tote Bags


Our heavy duty canvas tote bags are useful for a wide variety of purposes.   Carrying small parts in a factory environment comes readily to mind.

Custom imprinted with your own advertising copy, our tote bags come in two sizes.

The large size with single color ink are $3.10 each with orders over 100 priced at $3.00 each.

The smaller size with single color ink are only $2.00 each with orders over 100 priced at $1.85 each.


Dog Leashes


Our dog leashes make for good resale items and are 6 feet long each.   Order is a minimum of 100 at $3.50 each or from 101-200 at $3.40 each and 201 and up for $3.25 each.



S.E.E., Inc. - 2014 Price List

Nail Aprons

  1 color ink - minimum order 100 aprons = $1.90 each.  Over 100 aprons $1.75 each

Canvas Tote Bags

  Large 1 color ink - minimum order 100 bags = $3.10 each.  Over 100 bags = $3.00 each

  Small - minimum order 100 bags = $2.00 each. Over 100 bags = $1.85 each.

Shop Aprons

  Minimum order is 25 aprons = $5.50 each

  25-100 = $5.40 each

  Over 100 = $5.25 each

Dog Leashes - 6 foot long

  Minimum order is 100 leashes = $3.50 each

  100-200 = $3.40 each

  Over 200 = $3.25 each

Custom Silk Screen items

We are equipped to do custom silk screened items as well.  For silk screen orders under 300 items, there is a first order charge of $60.00 to create the silk screen.

(Note: Price list effective 6/2/2014)

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