Our Mission

The S.E.E. mission is to provide a safe work environment and challenging employment opportunities for the citizens of Wayne County, and the surrounding areas, who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. S.E.E. helps its employees capitalize on their motivation, confidence and determination by obtaining a variety of production contracts from area businesses and fulfilling these obligations with the highest degree of quality and dependability expected of us by our customers.

We combine our workforce with industry knowledge to help our customers increase profits so they can take care of business.

S.E.E. provides the highest quality service at a reasonable cost, on time and delivered right to your door. We deliver locally. This allows your company to focus on other important business needs while we increase your cash flow.

We have a proven history of excellence; meeting deadlines is never a problem. We have successfully worked with companies of virtually every size.
S.E.E. has a wide range of capabilities you can count on from handling simple assembly to detailed multi-piece production jobs and volume packaging.

If you’re interested in improving your bottom-line, enhancing operating efficiency and experiencing lasting cost reduction please, contact us.

S.E.E is proud to support A Team Missouri and the Dignity Has A Voice campaign.

Dignity Has A Voice, powered by the self-advocacy organization A Team Missouri, was created to tell the real story of people who choose employment in sheltered workshops.

A Team Missouri is a statewide advocacy group empowering people with disabilities to defend and protect the right to choose sheltered employment as a valuable work choice.  

Learn more at www.facebook.com/ATeamNWMO.
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S.E.E. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation providing meaningful employment for individuals with disabilities.
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